About a week ago my BF came home with the Insanity videos. Just go ahead and google Insanity because it will make you cry just watching the demo. Because I didn’t want to be left out I said to my BF with a sad/excited voice, “I want to so that too!” Idiot.

It started with a fitness test that I could barely get through. Squats, jumping, stretching, pushing. I wanted to die. And then I found out there was a meal plan I had to follow. Are you kidding me?!? 2 days before Christmas Eve and I was locking myself into a meal plan. So whatever, I go with it. One day into it, with just the freakin fitness test under my belt and I can’t even get out of bed the next day.

Day 2 – more squats, abs, suicides and other crazy shit I can’t even describe. 5 smaller meals a day, which I can’t even keep up with. All I want to eat is cheese and other really bad unhealthy shit. But I keep going. (I took Christmas Eve and Christmas off. Jesus wouldn’t want me on a meal plan for his birthday! He would have been pissed knowing I wasn’t able to enjoy that succulent piglet for his bday)

Ok so yesterday I competed a full week of 40 minute work out sessions and keeping up with the meal plan. All I have to say is a big fuck you to Sean T. I hate you during the workouts and I want you to die in a fire. What kind of sick fuck comes up with this kind of shit. At the same time, Sean T you are a force of motivation and an extreme amount of sweat. 6 days in and I already feel slimmer and trimmer and people are noticing which is all I really care about. I’m sticking with you cruel workouts.

Oh and did I mention this is a 60 day program. Fuck you Sean T.